Western and Almond Voluntary Sector Forum

Western and Almond Voluntary Sector Forum

The first round of the VSF’s has kicked off this week with the Western and Almond meeting.

VSF’s take part across all localities and are supported by EVOC by Kate Barrett. They currently feed into the Neighbourhood Network structure and are a great place to meet with peers to discuss locality / community work. We currently don’t have any ECHF members in this ward and I was keen to find out more about the work in the area.

Almond Ward lies to the North West of the City and includes South Queensferry, Dalmeny, Cramond,
Kirkliston, Newbridge, Cramond, Silverknowes and Muirhouse. Edinburgh Airport can be found to the south of the ward.

One of the main themes of the meeting were around estate management of community buildings. The Corstorphine area is in limbo waiting to hear from CEC if funding is available to rebuild their burnt out building; you can see the history and plans here: http://www.corstorphinecommunitycentre.org.uk/about-us/our-vision/

In South Queensferry, one centre is at end of life and there is also a requirement to look at the asset transfer process. The activities (at Rosebury Hall) are popular and in many cases over subscribed. They include baby clubs, youth work, evening exercise classes such as jujitsu, pilates and they have an external booking for ballet every weekend. Further to that there is a community garden and the trial of an area for local artists to use the space; during May – Sept south queensferry attracts many tourists from the visiting liners and this may attract them into the building. There has been a continuity of staff for almost 30 years and isĀ  a great example of community work.

In Corstophine, there is a busy Youth Engagement Partnership with a newly appointed development worker. This includes inter generational work with young people taking part in a local Men’s Shed, baby clubs including buggywalks, youth club, work with She Scotland.

Work with adults includes lunches, a parklife programme, monthly tea and the pilot of a programme aimed at 50-70 called ‘sporting memories’ which looks to draw on positive memories of a time when potentially a person was more able and also able to share stories with others.

The lifelong learning team chatted about the antisocial behaviour at Drumbrae and what what happening around youth work and training there.

There are two links with external stakeholders which are explored: a social enterprise at the Edinburgh Park gym and the community engagement worker at the Airport.

Hopefully that is a helpful snapshot and I will link to the official minutes below when they are available.




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