Update on EIJB HSC Grants Funding (Transition / Innovation funds)

Update on EIJB HSC Grants Funding (Transition / Innovation funds)

In agreeing its budget for 2019/20, the City of Edinburgh Council made “£200k available as transitional funding for organisations facing the greatest impacts following the loss of EIJB grant funding’.  The administration presented a report to Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee on 14 May 2019 which addressed mechanisms to identify how this funding can be best prioritised. The outcome of this meeting was to provide funding to the IJB to aid transitional support. If you would like to read the EIJB report it can be accessed via this link: http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/meetings/meeting/4708/edinburgh_integration_joint_board

The innovation fund will now also progress (see attached here) and anyone interested in being part of the steering group should contact Stephanie-Anne directly. Proposed dates for an initial meeting to re-start the process are:

Monday 24th June am

Tuesday 25th June am or pm


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