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The Ripple – Guest Blog – Poverty Commission Edinburgh (

Writing this feels lovely as I often feel I don’t get a chance to reflect on my work and the path I am on at the moment. I am now two months (where did the time go?!) into the

Health All Round Community Development by Zoom We’ve come to that part of the year when we start thinking about our EIJB reports. Have we done enough evaluation? Will what we’ve gathered mean anything to those that read it?

We recommenced our regular meetings with our AGM last week which was very well attended (minutes to follow and short write up here). Having remained at a steady membership for many years, as part of the AGM business we

      Whether you are just starting out involving volunteers or you have been managing volunteers for many years, the aim of VolunteerWiki is to cover a wide range of volunteer management issues and give you access to

  • I find the forum helpful and supportive. It’s also a good place for information and to feel that you’re being represented. It’s a meeting which I am happy to prioritise.

    ECHF Member

  • All Community Development organisations in Edinburgh would do well to join the Forum. It really is the best way of keeping informed and getting support when you need it. Strong working relations with EVOC make it even more valuable. It’s enormously beneficial.

    ECHF member

  • The Forum do an amazing job and are a fantastic source of information and training, I have learned a lot since attending

    ECHF member