IJB HSC Grants Update on Application Submission

IJB HSC Grants Update on Application Submission

Edinburgh Integration Joint Board

Grant Programme 2019/22

Receipt of Applications

It has come to our attention that some applicants may not have submitted their application(s) successfully.  If you have submitted an application to H&SCGrants@edinburgh.gov.uk and not received an automated e-mail receipt and have evidence to show that you submitted an application, please get in touch with Kate McVie at:  kate.mcvie@edinburgh.gov.uk

In your e-mail please include:

  • The name of your organisation
  • The date and time which you submitted your application
  • A copy of the e-mail which accompanied your submission
  • The number of applications which you submitted
  • The e-mail address it was submitted from

Please do not e-mail us if you have already been in touch regarding this or have received an automated e-mail receipt from H&SCGrants@edinburgh.gov.uk – this may have gone into your junk/bulk folder, please check before contacting us.  

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