Flu vaccinations just got easier in Edinburgh

Flu vaccinations just got easier in Edinburgh

The way people get their free flu jabs in Edinburgh is changing. Staying healthy, safe and cared for is more important now than ever before.

Protecting yourself from flu this winter is one important and easy way to do this. And
now it’s even quicker, safer and easier.
This year the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership has introduced a new
way of getting your flu vaccination in Edinburgh – the flu drive through. Instead of
visiting your GP to get your vaccine, you will visit one of eight drive through clinics
across Edinburgh.
The clinics will open most weekends in October and November and can vaccinate up
to 500 people a day.
By developing flu drive throughs, everyone entitled to a free flu vaccine from a
household can attend at the same time. For those who don’t have access to a car,
you’ll be able to visit one of the walk through clinic across the city.
In addition, you can give a neighbour or friend a lift as long as you are both well and
wear masks and take normal COVID precautions (further details are available on the
NHS Inform website below)
As well as over 65s, pregnant people, unpaid carers and those at risk due to existing
health conditions, those who lived with people who shielded during lockdown will
also be offered a free flu jab.
Keeping people safe and healthy is a priority, so before the jab is administered, a
nurse will ask some questions to make sure it is safe to administer the vaccine. The
person receiving the jab doesn’t need to leave their car and will also be asked to wait
15 minutes before leaving the clinic to ensure there’s no reaction to the vaccine.

If you are eligible for a free flu vaccine, or for more information, go
to www.nhsinform.scot/flu to find out where you can get your jab in Edinburgh. If you
qualify for a free vaccine you’ll be given a time to attend a clinic after completing a
short questionnaire. Please help neighbours and friends who may not be comfortable
with accessing websites.
Find your nearest flu drive through on NHS inform.scot/flu or by calling
0800 22 44 88

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