Edinburgh Consultation Watch December 2015

Edinburgh Consultation Watch December 2015

Council Budget 2016

The Council Budget review consultation is still open for input.

From what I’ve seen, they’ve actually tried hard to make the consulation a little easier to do. There are for example specfic questions on the ‘Tell Us Your Priorities’ section about spending more on partnership working with the third sector, see:


Cycle Network Changes Near Haymarket

If any of your staff and volunteers are cyclists or walk to work, they should check out the two live Edinburgh Council consultations below regarding proposed improvements to the cycle and pedestrian network in the city.

Most of the work is intended for the area around Haymarket and the West End. If you travel through that area on the way to work, or your organisation operates close by, take a squint at the maps and suggested changes.

Making it easier for communities to choose healthy travel options other than the congested roads in this part of town would be a big plus for the city.



Council Rent Consultation

The Council is polling residents for preferred options on improving housing standards for tenants in Edinburgh.

Question include whether to spend on energy efficient homes, high street discount cards or more community gardens. This is a quick one to complete, just pick your top 4 options.


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