Consultation Watch November 2016

Consultation Watch November 2016

A number of consultations from City of Edinburgh Council and relevant to Community Health Initiatives’ are open for contributions in November 2016.

Procurement Strategy

Most Community Health Initiatives in Edinburgh are funded in part or whole by grants from City of Edinburgh Council. This funding can be direct, in that the Grants are managed by the Council, or indirect – for example, by Council funding contributed to budgets for Health and Social Care Integration.

The City of Edinburgh Council is consulting on revisions to it’s Procurement Strategy, see:

Elements, such as incorporating community benefits into contracts, were mentioned in the previous strategy. New priorities, such as looking to competitive tendering to obtain best value, may be cause for concern to community groups.

Of particular note is a commitment to consortia-like bids for Third Sector providers:

“We will support a cooperative approach to maximise value in the way that we deliver our services. We will also encourage, where appropriate, the development of cooperative and consortium based bids by third sector and other providers for public contract opportunities and seize opportunities to use public social partnerships and other co-production models for service and contract designs which focus upon the needs of the user and the wider community.”

Your comments can be contributed until 11th November 2016.

Your Services are Changing

Another consultation that may hold special interest for Community Health Initiatives.

This consultation covers a range of Council services. In particular contributions are sought on changes to library services, such as using volunteers to staff buildings. Libraries play an important role in communities across the City. Your health projects or charities might have an opinion.

The Council is also looking to expand access to online services for residents. Exactly what services are being considered for online delivery is not made clear in the consultation. For citizens living inĀ  low-income areas, online access can be difficult. If you have experience of the advantages or barriers more online services from the Council may bring, follow the link above.

A final section invites comments on increasing uptake of sport and leisure activities in our communities. As Community Health Initiatives are well aware, leisure activities at gyms and public pools are entirely unsuitable for many people living with long-term health conditions.

Take the time and make a comment at the consultation link above.

Investing in Your Future

Finally, Council tenants can have their say over investment in Edinburgh Council housing stock.

Of most relevance to tenants, Community Health Initiatives may be well placed to help Council tenants add their voice to this consultation.

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